Fairport, NY, April 10, 2023– Victims of sudden cardiac arrest need two things to survive: immediate chest compressions and the use of an AED – an automated external defibrillator – to shock the heart back to a normal rhythm. That’s the aim of a partnership between Billitier Electric, Inc. and Perinton Ambulance to promote learning CPR.

A public service announcement was recently filmed on location at Perinton Ambulance featuring Chief Mike Hoskins from Perinton Ambulance and Mr. Ron Billitier, President and CEO of Billitier Electric, Inc.

“CPR was pushed into the spotlight during the Buffalo Bills game in Cincinnati,” said Chief Hoskins. “The message we need everyone to hear is how IMMEDIATE CPR is the key to survival. That’s why we’re thankful to Billitier Electric for sponsoring an upcoming public service announcement campaign to help us with that message.”

As a thank you for their support, Perinton Ambulance delivered CPR training to staff members at Billitier’s corporate headquarters on Brooks Avenue. As a result, seven more immediate responders are now equipped with the knowledge and skills to help save the life of a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker.

“Knowing that electricity is a key component in restoring someone’s heartbeat, it seemed a natural fit for us to sponsor this important message,” stated Mr. Billitier. “Leading by example and getting trained in CPR was the next best thing we could do.” This partnership would not be possible without the assistance of Mason Marketing, who was engaged by Perinton Ambulance to assist with educating the community on the role and importance of emergency medical services to the local community.

Perinton Ambulance is a community-based nonprofit serving Fairport and Perinton, New York. Founded in 1965, the organization provides exceptional medical services delivered by a highly skilled, educated, and professional staff as well as community education on the prevention of injury and illness. Perinton Ambulance receives more than 5,900 requests for service and educates hundreds in CPR, First Aid, and Stop the Bleed programs each year. Monthly training classes open to the public can be found by visiting www.perintonambulance.org/cpr.

Since 1970, Billitier Electric has been providing businesses with superior electrical contracting employing approximately 175 electricians throughout the year. Billitier Electric continually strives to improve their products and services to offer competitive advantages to their customers, believing that customer satisfaction is their most important concern. With headquarters located in Rochester, NY, the company also has offices in Cortland, Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Loxahatchee, Florida. Visit www.billitierelectric.com for more information.

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