Perinton Ambulance crews get helping "hands"

Say hello to LUCAS, the newest member of the Perinton Ambulance team.

Acquired earlier this year through an agreement with Stryker, LUCAS is an automated chest compression device that brings an extra set of “hands” to victims of cardiac arrest. The benefits of LUCAS help not only the patient, but our EMTs and Paramedics as well.

Patients benefit with the continuous, high-quality chest compressions needed for their best chance of survival. Pauses in compressions are virtually eliminated, allowing for increased blood flow to the brain and other vital body organs. Additionally, chest compressions remain at a consistent rate and depth, preventing potential decreases in quality due to human rescuer fatigue or movement during transport to the hospital.

EMTs and Paramedics benefit with the ability to direct their attention to other tasks, allowing multiple critical interventions to occur simultaneously and with fewer personnel moving around the scene. Also important is the ability of providers to remain seated and secured during patient transport, something that can’t happen when humans are performing chest compressions.

LUCAS is available on every Perinton ambulance and has already been deployed in the field. The addition of this tool is another example of Perinton Ambulance’s commitment to delivering the highest quality care available to those we serve.

While LUCAS is an important development in cardiac arrest resuscitation efforts, immediate bystander CPR gives a victim their best chance of survival. To learn more about signing up for a CPR class, visit or email