SINCE 1965...

For over 55 years, Perinton Ambulance has delivered community-based emergency response, health & wellness education, lifesaving skills training, and so much more.

Support from our community allows us to continue Paramedic-level medical services. Gifts may be used toward priority needs like medical equipment, cardiac monitors, replacing ambulances, or helping fund training programs.


  • One cardiac monitor costs nearly $40,000? 
  • Replacing an ambulance can cost $130,000?
  • One gurney costs $20,000?

Generous donations from people like you support these programs and more, such as our equipment loan closet, community education program, and our Explorer Post. 


  • Walkers are the most requested loan closet item? Several times per week, actually.
  • Our outreach program is the most active in the area? We’ve conducted over 600 events since 2018!
  • Our Explorer Post was formed in 1982? Teaching youth about EMS for nearly 40 years.

As you can see, your contributions go a long way with Perinton Ambulance. We’ve helped thousands of your family members, friends, and neighbors over the years. With your support, we can continue our mission for many years to come!