There When You Need Us

We are your local resource for major event medical staffing. Medical Support Standby is the presence of an ambulance at a special community event where Advanced or Basic Life Support may be required. Such events might include community sporting events, graduations, music festivals, and more.

We provide on-site medical staff for:

  • Fairport Canal Days
  • Fairport Music Fest
  • Fairport High School Football games
  • Town of Perinton’s summer Amphitheater Concert Series
  • Major police and fire incidents

Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance


A BLS ambulance is staffed with two certified EMTs and is capable of handling basic emergencies such as falls, fractures, bleeding control, heat/cold emergencies, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, allergic reaction, overdose as well as CPR/AED. For patients requiring advanced care, the BLS ambulance crew will request a Paramedic and may begin transporting the patient to the hospital.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance


An ALS ambulance is staff with two certified providers, including at least one Paramedic, and represents our highest level of care. ALS ambulance crews provide advanced care including IV therapy, additional medications, Cardiac monitoring, 12-lead EKG interpretation, Cardiac pacing/cardioversion, advanced airway/respiratory care, and much more. ALS ambulances are essentially an emergency department on wheels, offering much of the same care.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Fly Car


A BLS fly car is a non-transporting emergency response vehicle staff by a single EMT and is fully capable of providing BLS care. This unit will begin care while requesting a transporting ambulance and/or Paramedic should the patient condition require such.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Fly Car


An ALS fly car is a non-transporting emergency response vehicle staff by a single Paramedic and is fully capable of providing ALS care. This unit will begin care while requesting a transporting ambulance should the patient condition require such.

Special Events/ Rehabilitation Trailer


The Special Events and Rehabilitation Trailer is used for larger events requiring a New York State Department of Health Part 18 permit and comes staff with at least one EMT or Paramedic. This trailer may serve as a “health care facility” to triage, treat, and care for patients. The trailer is stocked with additional, required, equipment for treating multiple patients as well as heaters and cooling/misting fans for extreme weather events.

Operations Officer/Supervisor


An Operations Officer/Supervisor is required for any New York State Department of Health Part 18 permitted event. Some larger events may require more than one Operations Officer due to the size, scope, and geography of the specific event. The Operations Officer is certified as a Paramedic and responsible for the command, control, and coordination of all medical resources at the event and interfaces with law enforcement, fire departments, security and others. In the event of a large-scale incident with multiple victims, the Operations Officer would assume EMS command and request appropriate resources utilizing disaster operations procedures.

Feel free to contact us at or give us a call at (585) 223-4150 if you have an event coming up and would like medical support standby.


Perinton Ambulance staff provide Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support care according to our level of certification, training and under the treatment protocols established by New York State and the Monroe-Livingston Regional EMS Council.

Perinton Ambulance will arrange for the medical assessment, treatment and transport of all visitors, staff, and vendors who require such services, for the event listed in the officially accepted quote.

Perinton Ambulance reserves the right to bill any patient for services provided under State and Federal regulations. Generally speaking, patients receiving on-site “first aid” care will not be charged.

Quotes for medical standby services are generated in good faith based on the information supplied by the event sponsor. The dates and times listed on the quote indicate the dates and times EMS resources will be on-site, unless otherwise agreed upon between Perinton Ambulance and the event sponsor. All EMS resources will remain on-site during those times unless transporting an emergent patient, in which case additional EMS resources will be requested to backfill the event.

By signing the prepared quote, the event sponsor is agreeing to the dates, times, and services listed therein. The event sponsor may request amendments to the quote for services. Perinton Ambulance reserves the right to decline changes to the accepted quote for service.

All schedule medical event standbys must be confirmed at least 30 days before the first date of the event. Services requested within 30 days of the event are subject to a “short notice” fee of 50% of the total cost.

Payments are due net 30 from the last day of event listed on the quote, or otherwise determined in writing between the event sponsor and Perinton Ambulance.

New York State Department of Health Part 18 Events

NYS DOH Part 18 events require specific healthcare resources are present and available for large-scale events with an anticipated attendance over 5,000. Perinton Ambulance agrees to draft and submit the required NYS DOH Part 18 application so long as the event sponsor and other agencies provide the appropriate, required, information. Should any event require Physician services, Perinton Ambulance will arrange this without additional cost to the event sponsor. Preparation of the Part 18 permit application is provided free of charge.

Perinton Ambulance is not responsible for the event sponsor’s compliance with NYS DOH Part 18 requirements except those specifically addressing EMS equipment, personnel, and care. The event sponsor agrees to follow all NYS DOH Part 18 requirements and to notify the EMS Operations Officer on scene of the event should attendance exceed 20% above the expected peak attendance.

See attached reference for NYS DOH Part 18 “Public Functions”.