Leadership Team

Executive Officers

President: Jon LeRoy, EMT, AEMD

Vice President – Operations: Richard van den Berge, EMT, AEMD

Vice President – Administration: Jennifer Goodness, EMT

Vice President – Finance: Nancy Blake

Board of Directors

Corps Director at Large (’19): David Aikens, EMT

Corps Director at Large (’19): Matthew Brennan, EMT

Corps Director at Large (’19): Sean Booher, EMT

Corps Director at Large (’18): Jean Fitch

Corps Director at Large (’19): Colleen McLaughlin, EMT

Corps Director at Large (’18): Alyssa Posner, EMT

Corps Director at Large (’18): David Sansone, EMT

Non-Corps Director at Large (’18): Brian Cardona

Non-Corps Director at Large (’18): Scott MacCollum


Operations Team

Chief: Brian Wiedman, BS, EMT-P

Deputy Chief: Mark Pospiech, EMT-P

Training Coordinator: D. James Carver, EMT-P, CIC

EMT Supervisor: Jaimie Watters, EMT

Driver Supervisor: Steven Aurand, EMT

Dispatch Supervisor: Jean Fitch

Quality Assurance: Carolyn Hanna, EMT

Safety Officers: Paul Daniels, EMT & Jevon Tomaschko, EMT-P

Director of Staffing: Carolyn Hanna, EMT


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